modern facility

Our 40,000 square foot terminal sits on three acres, providing off-ground, fully enclosed storage for in-transit packaging. The facility is designed to safely store over 10,000 empty drums at one time. We provide a prompt, liability ending disposal service.

Container Management  Company LLC
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collection and delivery

Containers delivered to multiple locations, suppliers and customers.
Warehouse space available for off-site storage.
Commercial transportation fleet to meet your shipping requirements.

green philosophy

Safe environmental practices concern all businesses today. Maintaining a chain of control over waste streams and packages with residual product is a must to avoid potential liabilities. Container Management assists clients in maintaining the chain of control for environmental liability from customer pickup through reconditioning, recycling or destruction–assuring compliance with all regulations and prompt closure of liability. We provide lifecycle management for packaging waste streams, renewing them into the best and greenest uses for industry and consumers.

About CMC

Product conversion masters.

CMC’s philosophy is to provide lifecycle management for industrial packaging waste streams, renewing them into the best and greenest uses for industry and consumers. We are masters of “product conversion” – taking products at the end of their lifecycle and turning them into other useful products. By partnering with industry, we obtain discarded resources and refurbish them for reuse – processing and renewing industry’s packaging discards into “green” consumer products. We provide industry with the valuable service of wisely managing waste – and the renewed products are sold to consumers at a 25% to 50% cost saving over similar new products.

Packaging and containers.

We carry a full line of packaging and containers in a variety of sizes for hazardous and non-hazardous solids, liquids, products and wastes. CMC also provides one-stop, closed loop disposal service for empty containers